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The Best Web Hosting Packages In Kenya

In today’s article, we’ll learn about web hosting packages in Kenya. But before we dive into that, did you know?

Every day there are about  547,200 new websites created. Every new website requires a domain, hosting, and cms platform. Web hosting companies, therefore, make new clients and old ones renew their services constantly.

Websites have become the best platform to reach out to many people. They also have become the marketplace as people now can transact online.

Socializing also is fast and flexible. Traditionally it took time to pass along any message to a distant person.

Well, all these sites that have eased these transactions need hosting. So let’s learn about hosting and what it offers.

What is web hosting?

It is a service that allows your website to be accessed online. It’s simple online storage for your website files.

It’s where your website lives. Every website has hosting which makes it easy to access over the world wide web.

Hosting however comes in many categories. There are three main categories know and mostly used:

1. Shared hosting

This type of hosting is simple and cheapest. It allows many users to use one server and share resources(RAM, Bandwidth…).

Doesn’t require any technical know-how and anyone can set it up. It’s best suited for a startup. It cuts down the cost of purchase and maintenance. 

Gives an opportunity for a startup to pick up and reach out to many easily and fast.

2. Dedicated hosting

This is technical hosting. It means that one has to know how to configure the server. 

On this hosting, you have the server and resources to yourself. You are the root and allow what can run and how much resources should be used.

However, it is expensive. It’s also recommended for large organizations which receive huge traffic.

3. VPS hosting

This has both the shared and dedicated aspects. However, it’s safe and better than shared hosting.

VPS hosting means that you get isolated storage on the same server as others. However, there is no sharing of resources.

You also have administrative privileges to add or remove some elements. It also allows one to choose what allocations are best.

It’s the best fit for a growing business. It can handle surges in websites.

Well, there are others like:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Colocation hosting
  • And others.

What do you need to have web hosting?

As a service, it ensures that the website files are stored safely and can be accessed easily. It allows the world to access your site from anywhere.

By this also, you need to have a domain. A domain is a permanent name for your website. It’s the name people type in the address bar to access your website.

A domain connects your website to a hosting account. It makes sure your website is accessible through the world wide web.

Learn more about a domain here.

Can I host for free?

Yes, there is a free package; it is free but is limited:

  • 1 FTP Accounts
  • 1 Domain
  • 1 Site
  • Less bandwidth
  • Less storage.

However, the free package is best when you have just created a site. It gives you an opportunity to know how your site performs.

Where to get web hosting?

There are a number of places one can get web hosting. However, these three are the best web hosting service providers.

1. Truehost

It’s a newly established company under KeNIC and Communications Authority of Kenya which provides web services.

Offers reliable services that have clients all over the world. They also have partnered with cPanel and Cloudlinux to provide the best.

Here are hosting web hosting packages in terms of cheapest and commonly bought:

TypeCostWhat you get
Silver Cloud$2.00/ monthUnlimited Bandwidth
30 GB Disk Space
1 Max Websites Hosted
Unlimited Max Email Account
Gold Cloud$4.00/ monthUnlimited Bandwidth
50 GB Disk Space
Unlimited Max Websites Hosted
Unlimited Max Email Account

2. Truehost

 It’s one of the best web hosting service providers. Truehost understands the needs of a customer and provides the best.

Web Hosting: Truehost

It is reliable and has been serving many clients both locally and internationally. They offer the best packages.

Let’s look at the cheapest and the most bought:

Type CostWhat you get
Bronze0/month1 Site
1 FTP Accounts
1 GB cloud storage
1 GB Bandwidth
1 Email account
GoldKsh 3,499/year 30 sites
Unlimited FTP Accounts
50 GB cloud storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email accounts 

3. WebHost

It’s a web hosting company with competitive hosting packages. Offers premium hosting with reliable services.

Here are its web hosting packages according to cheapest and most bought:

TypeCostWhat you get
Silver Kshs 2,100/year30 GB Storage
300GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited emails
Free software installer
GoldKshs. 2,900/year50GB Storage
250GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited emails
FREE Site builder

Other platforms:

  • Safaricom
  • Host Pinnacle Kenya
  • Sasa Host
  • Webscreations Design
  • And more

How to choose the best hosting

Here are few things you need to consider first:

1. Reliability

Do they have downtimes? How long does the support take to respond? These are but a few questions you should ask yourself before choosing a web host.

Reliability is crucial. Sometimes you run into issues with your website and support should always be there to help.

A good source of this information is customer feedback. 

2. Bandwidth

How much are they offering? Websites have surges and it’s not every day there is the same number of visitors.

A good web host provides the best. However, it’s up to you to choose the best package that fits your business.

3. Upgrade option

Well, startups don’t require much. Most try free hosting or the cheapest then later have a plan to upgrade. Each host should have an easy upgrade process. 

It should offer to transfer your files without any issues.

4. Cost

Pay for what you need. Some hosts are expensive yet don’t provide the essentials for your websites. One should learn to get value for what they spend on. 

Also, plans should accommodate all hidden costs.

5. Accessibility

Will the hosting provider offer the necessary tools for you? How well will you be able to manage your accounts?

All these should be provided for you. Most web hosting companies use cPanel to help their clients manage their accounts.

It’s from cPanel that errors can be rectified, database monitoring, and customization of databases and emails.

The above are common web hosting packages available on popular platforms. There are many other customized plans one can use.

The internet is a good resource; research well and you will find all that you need.